SILKEN Contains POLYETHER MODIFIED POLYSILOXANE : 1020 g/L Description SILKEN is an organosilicon surfactant that functions as a penetrant, leveler, penetrator, and adhesive suitable for use with herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, and leaf micro-nutrients. SILKEN can increase efficiency and effectiveness through optimal penetration and absorption . Pack Sizes 100ML and 250ML […]


SINON 550 Contains N 15%, P 15%, K 10% Description SINON 550 is an inorganic fertilizer in the form of white-gray granules made with modern technology. Pack Sizes 500GR and 1KG Registration No. 01.01.2018.329 Downloads MSDS BROCHURE


KENAGRO Active Constituent NONYL PHENOL ETHOXYLATE Description KENAGRO is a wetting agent not to reduce the surface tension of leaves and spray fluids, and to reduce the wastage of pesticide spray fluids. Pack Sizes 1L, 4L and 20L Registration No. – Downloads MSDS BROCHURE


AVIAFIC Active Ingredient C Organic: 16.02%   C/N Ratio: 15.86%   Ph: 7.4    Water Level: 11.72% Description AVIAFIC is a high quality pelletised organic fertiliser. Pack Sizes 20 KG Registration No. 02.04.2017.159 Downloads MSDS BROCHURE


KENFOLAN Active Ingredient N 11%, P 8%, K 6% Description KENFOLAN is a complete foliar fertilizer used in vegetables, fruits, ornamental plants, and others. Pack Sizes 500ML and 1L Registration No. 01.02.2017.011 Downloads MSDS BROCHURE