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KENSO Seeds screens, develops and markets speciality hybrid vegetable varieties throughout south east Asia and Oceania. In partnership with strategic global and specialist breeding houses our objective is to offer varieties to improve yield, disease resistance and marketability based on regional requirements. KENSO Seeds are distributed by KENSO Marketing in Indonesia.


KORAL is a semi-globe cabbage seed product with harvest age of 85-90 DAP. Has resistance to Black Rot, Clubroot and Fusarium.

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Kenso Seeds carries out trials prior to releasing varieties into the market place. The product descriptions, technical data and disease resistance ratings provided are intended for reference only. This information and any other verbal or written information represent average results from specific trials and are not a prediction or promise of future performance. We strongly recommend growers to trial varieties under their respective growing conditions and cultural practise prior to commercial scale planting. Varietal performance is influenced by many variables, such as location, climate, soil/media type and conditions, cultural and management practices and other environmental factors. No liability will be accepted by Kenso Seeds or its representatives as to final performance based on this information.