Gudang-JababekaPT. Kenso Indonesia as part of the company group Kenso Corporation (M) Sdn. Bhd. Companies specializes in production and distribution of Agrochemical and Fertilizer products across Indonesia. At present, the company markets around 45 crop protection and fertilizer products with details 14 Herbicides, 17 Insecticides, 6 Fungicides, 1 Molluscicide, 5 Fertilizers and Others, 1 Growth Regulator and 1 Hybird Seeds for use in many crops such as rice, chili, and plantations.

PT Kenso Indonesia was established in 2003 and start focusing on developing the markets in 2006. Now Kenso Indonesia based and operates at 18 Office Park, South Jakarta, Indonesia.


Our Quality Focus

Kenso Corporation Malaysia was established in 1974 and quickly developed into the now famous Golden Goose and Cap Bunga brands. These brands and other Kenso products are associated with quality & value.

Today Kenso Indonesia has more than 500 dealers catering for all regions across Indonesia. Kenso Products are usely wide in the plantation sector, crop production including rice & vegetable. Kenso Indonesia is a member of Crop Care Indonesia Association.

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Hi-tech Manufacturing Facilities

Carrying a vision of being a leading agrochemical company and upholding a sound reputation with the support of worldwide distribution network, Kenso at all time gives high priority to the quality of its products and complies with ISO 9001:2015 specification (Formulation and Manufacturing of Agricultural Chemical Products) under UKAS Quality Management supervision.

Thanks to our state-of-the art technology and dedicated chemistry team, Kenso is able to create innovate new formulations on a continual basis with the view to augment the agriculture sector. This goal is consistent with the mission and vision of the company expressed in our corporate motto “Together We Grow”.